In 2022-2023 Fall term, The Leadership in Comp. Eng. (ITB) course will be offered by Alper Almelek. The lecture will be held on Thursdays between 9:30-12:30. 

The aim of the course is to increase awareness in creativity and charisma for the future potential leaders. By means of gaining these abilities, students will have wider horizons that will enable them to analyze the leadership situations at companies and therefore they will be able to challenge the difficulties of business life.

Inorder for a person to achieve status and credibility in business life, he/she needs to increase the ability of to be creative at any circumstances by means of innovative thinking. Also the person needs to act as a charismatic leader in orderto convince team members to achieve more by transformation all leadership style.

The target is for students to do several exercises throughout the course and reach a high awareness in both subjects.