ITU ACM Student Chapter and ITU Artificial Intelligence Student Club are organizing an event titled "Let's Talk to the Academics (Akademisyenlere Danışalım)" on Wednesday, March 9 at 15:30, aiming to bring together academicians and students of the Faculty of Computer and Informatics Engineering.

The following academicians will participate in the event;
- Ali Çakmak (Assoc. Prof. Dr.)
- Ayşe Tosun (Asst. Prof. Dr.)
- Burak Berk Üstündağ (Prof. Dr.)
- Feza Buzluca (Assoc. Prof. Dr.)
- Gözde Ünal (Prof. Dr.)
- Hazım Kemal Ekenel (Prof. Dr.)
- Mehmet Baysan (Asst. Prof. Dr.)
- Mustafa Kamaşak (Prof. Dr.)
- Sema Oktug (Prof. Dr.)
- Şule Öğüdücü (Prof. Dr.)
- Tuğba Pamay Arslan (Lecturer)
- Turgut Uyar (Lecturer)

You can participate in the online event via Zoom using the link below.
Zoom Meeting
Date: Wednesday, March 9, 2022
Time: 15.30 (Istanbul, Turkey)