BLG Graduate: Special/Advanced Topics in Computer Engineering

by Fahrettin Ay | Sep 16, 2021
The graduate courses offered in this term under the names of "Special Topics in Compu.Eng." and "Advanced Topics in Comp.Scien" are announced.
The graduate courses offered in this term under the names of "Special Topics in Compu.Eng." and "Advanced Topics in Comp.Scien" are detailed below;

BLG 553E - Special Topics in Compu.Eng. (CRN: 14960);
Computer System Security

Lecturer: Dr. Mostafa Mohammadpourfard
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BLG 553E - Special Topics in Compu.Eng. (CRN: 14957) (Online):
Trustable AI

Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Zehra Çataltepe
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BLG 553E - Special Topics in Compu.Eng. (CRN: 14940):
Bioinformatics Algorithms
Lecturer: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ali Çakmak
Course Info: This class aims to introduce the basics of bioinformatics concepts and algorithms for typical problems in the field. More specifically, the class will cover (i) Basics of bioinformatics concepts and biological data processing, (ii) Algorithms for sequence alignment and analysis, genome rearrangements, gene finding, DNA mapping, searching genomes, and systems biology, (iii) Analysis and application of dynamic programming, greedy, and branch-and-bound approaches within different bioinformatics problems. 

BLG 604E - Advanced Topics in Comp.Scien (CRN: 14962) :
Lecturer: Assist. Prof. Dr. Mehmet Baysan
Course Info: This course will focus on computational analyses of clinical genomics data. Students will learn technologies used in genome studies, genomic data generation and analysis (especially sequencing), clinical applications of genomic data, and    commercial, legal and ethical aspects of genomic analyses. Students will be expected to make multiple presentations and complete research projects based on the analyses of complex datasets. 

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