Course Registration and Exemption Procedures for Graduate Students

by Fahrettin Ay | Sep 07, 2021
To the attention of computer engineering graduate students.
Students who have been accepted to the Computer Engineering MSc or PhD programs in this term and students who have not yet been assigned an advisor must fill in the advisor notification form with their advisor and send it to and (CC) before registration.

Course registrations will be made by your advisor.

Course registration and course add/drop processes of students whose advisor appointment is not official until the course registration date will be done via Zoom with Prof. Dr. Hatice Köse, Computer Engineering graduate programs coordinator. Registration of scientific preparation courses will also be made at the same meetings. We recommend you to determine the courses you will take together with your advisor.

For registrations of scientific preparation courses , students should fill in the scientific preparation registration document. Students are required to have Prof. Dr. Hatice Köse sign these documents. These documents should then be mailed to an address which will be announced later. 

A Zoom meeting will be held for scientific preparation students to get signatures.

In order to be exempt from scientific preparation courses, it is necessary to register for these courses first and then send the exemption petition form to the institute ( by e-mail.

You can access the graduate courses offered this semester via the link below;
2020-2021 Fall Semester Course Schedules
You can access the scientific preparation course list via the link below;
Computer Engineering Graduate Programs General Information

You can apply for exemption from graduate courses after course registration.

ITU Department of Computer Engineering

Computer engineering education in Istanbul Technical University started in 1980 as a program under the Department of Control and Computer Engineering Department. In order to keep up with the contemporary developments, Computer Engineering was reshaped as a separate department under the same faculty. All related programs and departments were transferred to the new Faculty of Computer and Informatics Engineering in 2010.

ITU Computer Engineering Undergraduate Program is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission (EAC) of ABET,, (Criteria: Computer Engineering)

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